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With students, parents, and educators realizing the value of online education, a lot of schools are selecting to be partially or completely online offering the best online schooling programs.

People often select online schools because of their high flexibility. For example, a young athlete prefers online school as they can make perfect plans for their studies and training. It’s also the best option for nomad families or those people who always travel because of several reasons.

They can pursue their child’s education in the online school, but only if they are happy with the educational level and the recognition of the certificate.

If you are thinking of joining online school, then this article is of great help to you.

Type of Best Online Schools

There are several kinds of online schools each with its approach to education. Some of the main types of best online schools are,

Public online schools: These schools get their funding from the government and are free to attend. Their curriculum is the same as the traditional public schools. The only difference is they allow students to study at their speed and schedule.

Private online schools: These online schools do not get funding from the government and they charge tuition fees. Their curriculum is flexible as compared to online public schools and allows its students to select from several courses.

Charter online schools: These are public schools that private organizations operate. They get funds from the government but do not follow the same rules as the traditional public schools. This facilitates them in offering more inventive and reliable accredited online high school programs.

Virtual private schools: These are private schools that provide online classes. They are expensive when compared with other kinds of online schools, but they provide a more customized learning experience.

Kind of schoolSource of fundingCurriculumFlexibilityCost
Public online schoolsGovernmentSame as traditional public schoolsHighFree
Private online schoolsTuition feesMore flexible than the public online schoolsHighVaries
Charter Online SchoolsGovernmentInventive and reliable than traditional public schoolsHighExpensive
Table showing different categories of online school

15 Best Online High Schools in the USA

Sl.noSchool nameCourses offeredTuition feesPerks
1Advantages School InternationalMore than 300 courses$3,950 per yearStudents can customize their educational plans
2Ignite Christian Academy  American/British Literature Computer Science and Web Design Art Business various languages various American history courses  Begins at $1,832Personalizable educational plan
3Brigham Young University Independent Study  AP course and university level courses$110 to $280Flexible online environment
4Christa McAuliffe Academy school of Arts and sciencesHigh school diploma  or college prep-track$2,496 to $7,495Customized instruction
5Clonlara School  More than 80 classses with honors courses, ACT and SAT prep courses and courses for exploring career$3,600 to $4,000Trained teachers and high reputation
6Excel High School  100 high school courses, college courses, honors courses and AP courses.$129 per monthBest accredited school and affordable fees
7Forest Trail Academy  50 courses$3,350/year for full-timeSelf-paced curriculum, indivisual attentions to students and customizable course
8Franklin Virtual High School  Core classes, AP courses and prep courses for GED, ACT and SAT.$289 to $313Accredited and reputed online school.
9Greenways Academy  Over 100 high school level course$395 to $420Rolling admission system, one to one interaction.
10International Virtual Learning Academy  Over 350 courses which includes honors courses, AP courses.$2,579 to $3,779Customizable course
11K12 Private Academy  full course load of six credits$6,995 per yearIndividualized learning, affordable curriculum
12The Keystone School  Over 170 courses including six languages , advanced placement classes and life skills courses$1,800 to $2,800Rolling admission policy
13Laurel Springs Schools  digital photography, forensic science, veterinary science, and the history of the Holocaust750 for a prep course, $875 for an honors lab-based course and $1,100 for a Advanced Placement course.  Flexible online program, one to one attention, personalized course
14Liberty University Online Academy  American Literature, Creative Writing, Spanish, History of the Constitution, and several others$3,568.50 per year on an averageCourse is taught from biblical point of view, flexibility to select from various learning format.
15Memoria Press Online Academy  Latin, Greek, Moral Philosophy, Classical Studies, and Logic & Rhetoric, etc$2,500Classical education

Best Online Middle Schooling Programs

Middle school is the period of discovery and the best accredited online middle school programs help students in pursuing their passions and also follow their careers. The certified online teachers offer live online education and assist students in making a path to achieve their dreams.

Finding the best accredited online middle school program varies based on specific requirements, choices, and circumstances. However there are many online middle schools with high reputations for the best quality education, faculties with years of experience, strong curriculum, and all-exclusive supporting services.

Sl.noSchool nameGrade Levels being servedApproachTuition
4 – 8
Mastery based system, real-world and customized approach$9,750
2Avenues online – The Virtual campus of The Avenues- The World School6-12Prepares learners for getting admission to high schools and colleges$7,500-$37,400 annually
3Pearson Online  k-12Standard curriculum and courses are segregated by subjects and same learning designs$6,600
4Laurel Springs School  k-12Gives priority to ability of online education. Flexible approach$7,300
5Stanford Online  6-8Focus on high level thinkingFull time course – $29,850, part-time tuition – $17,910, single courses – $5.970.

Top 10 Best Online Schooling Programs in the World

Sl.noSchool nameLocation
1Minerva’s Virtual Academy  London, UK  
2King’s InterHigh  London, UK  
3Prisma  San Francisco, CA  
4Inventum International Online School  Europe  
5Laurel Springs School  California, USA  
6Dwight Global Online School  New York City, USA  
7Crimson Global Academy  Auckland, New Zealand  
8Spark Generation  Romania, Europe  
9Le Sallay Academy  Saincaize-Meauce, France  
10The Forest School Online  Georgia, USA  

Factors to Consider While Choosing the Best Online Schooling Programs

With many best online schooling programs providing the best curriculums, how to know which is the perfect online school for you? Here are a few factors you should take into consideration while selecting online schools:

  • Accreditation: It’s important to check the accreditation of the online school before you choose to get enrolled.
  • Fees: Consider the fees and choose what best fits you. Different schools have different fee amounts.
  • Number of courses available: Each of the online schools provides several courses from which the student can select.
  • Reputation: It’s important to review the academic reputation of the online schools you are considering.


If you are a non-traditional student and want to complete your schooling, then the best online schooling programs are the right options. The above list of schools can help you in starting.

But before you choose, ensure you have done proper research. Many schools there are affordable, accredited, and can meet your premium quality education.

Online schooling programs are best for those students who wish to study at their speed. With the right planning and extensive search, online schooling programs are the best ways for children to get an education.


Are the best online schooling programs accredited?

Yes, most of the online schooling programs are accredited by authorized accrediting bodies and it is important to check the status of accreditation before enrolling.

What are a few things to consider while selecting online schooling programs?

Important factors to consider are accreditation, the structure of the program, and the interest of your child.

Who are the best candidates for online schooling?

Online schooling courses are best for those students who wish to work independently, can follow all orders and complete assigned work, can learn by reading various information, and are comfortable with computers.

For whom online schooling is not a good fit?

Online schooling is not good for those children who require more personal communication and get easily distracted.

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