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The UK is one of the popular study destinations for global students. Not only the quality of the higher educational institutes but also the variety of courses offered by those universities that appeal to students from all over the world. If you have plans to pursue your studies in the UK, then first you should do some research and try to find out what you want to study exactly.

Do you know that getting into a university in the UK is not that hard? In the UK there are some easiest UK universities to get into for international students. In this post, we will know about some of the universities in the UK that are easy to get into along with some other relevant information.

Why Do Students Prefer Studying in UK Universities?

The United Kingdom is a fascinating destination for pursuing studies abroad and obtaining a broad university experience. Here are certain reasons why you should consider studying in the United Kingdom:

  • Popular Universities: The UK is house to some of the renowned universities that provide a huge range of subjects to its global students.
  • Accredited Universities: Maximum universities in the UK are globally recognized and equip students with renowned qualifications from well-accredited institutions.
  • Sustaining Global Communities: You may come to the UK to embrace the British culture, but you will get their big communities of global students.

Easiest Universities to Get into for International Students UK

While a lot of universities in the UK have an extensive process of admission, many educational universities to get into UK for international students. Those universities offer opportunities for students who might not have secured high grades or any significant extra activities but still want to pursue a degree in the required field.

Here is a table showing a list of Easiest UK universities to get into for global students.

Sl.noName of the UniversityLocationAcceptance rateStudents rating
1Aberystwyth University   Welsh coast96.1%4.4/5
2The University of Roehampton  Roehampton, Southwest London93.9%4/5  
3Bishop Grosseteste University  Lincoln, England92.2%  4.3/5  
4University of PortsmouthSouth Coast of England89.9%  4.2/5
5York St John UniversityYork89.4%  4.2/5
6Leeds Trinity UniversityLeeds89%  4.1/5  
7Nottingham Trent UniversityNottingham88.9%4.4/5  
8Newman University BirminghamEngland,88.7%4.2/5  
9University of Bedfordshire  Luton and Bedford, England77.35%  3.9/5
10Buckinghamshire New University    High Wycombe and Aylesbury79.72%3.6/5
11University of Suffolk  Ipswich, England80.15%4.1/5
12University of Cumbria  Carlisle, Lancaster, and Ambleside83.02%4.3/5
13University of Chichester  Chichester and Bognor Regis86.15%3.6/5
14The University of Wales Trinity Saint David  Wales, UK88.40%4.2/5
15University of Derby  Derby and Buxton, England89.75%4.1/5
16University of West London  Ealing and Brentford91.20%4.3/5
17Birmingham City University  Peaky Blinders Birmingham92.05%  4.1/5
18Middlesex University  Northwest London57%4.2/5
19Bradford University  City of Bradford, West Yorkshire, England52%4.3/5
20De Montfort UniversityLeicester45%4.0/5
21Coventry UniversityCoventry, London and Scarborough,91.3%4.2/5
22Ravensbourne University London  Greenwich Peninsula in London88%4.1/5
23University for the Creative Arts  Epsom, Farnham, Canterbury, and Rochester.  93%4.3/5
24Plymouth College of Art  Devon54%4.2/5
25The University of Sussex  Brighton and Hove92%4.3/5
26The University of RoehamptonRoehampton Lane in London72%4.1/5
27Northumbria University  Newcastle85.5%4.2/5

Easiest Courses to Study in the UK

Same as universities certain courses are easy for getting admission in the UK. Here is a list of courses that are easy to access:

  • Liberal arts: it includes a wide spectrum right from the theatre arts to economics
  • Make up: This is a course that includes several aspects of grooming and converting the total personality of a person to make them presentable and perfect for a specific event.
  • Creative writing: A writing course that goes outside of writing some standard journals, and academic technical forms of literature because of the importance of the hostile craft and development of character.
  • Religious studies: It involves religious beliefs, behaviors, and institutions. It describes and compares several explanations of religion while emphasizing cross-cultural perspectives.
  • Anthropology: A course that involves various aspects of human experience also called holism.
  • Philosophy: Involves studying the nature of knowledge, reality, and existence.
  • Graphic designing: It’s like a craft where the professionals can create visual content for communicating specified messages to the target audiences.
  • Education: It’s a discipline that mainly involves studying teaching and methods of teaching in learning environments.
  • Music: A great course for students having a passion for the subject and requirement to gain relevant qualifications and knowledge.
  • English Literature: A course that mainly focuses on studying several texts from across the world.

How Easiest University in the UK to Get into and the Hardest University to Get into Differ

Now as we study some of the universities in the UK that are easy to get admissions, it’s important to understand how they differ from universities that are hard to get into.

Here is a table that compares the easiest universities to get admission to and hardest universities to get admission based on several criteria:

Sl.noCriteriaEasiest University in the UK to Get intoHardest University in the UK to get into
1Acceptance rateHighLow
2Admission needsflexible, with  low A-level grades or UCAS pointsCompetent, flexible, often high A-level grades or UCAS points
3FocusAll-inclusive education and skillsAcademic rigor
4Important featuresHave a holistic approach to admissions Accepts varied backgrounds Good learning atmosphere Focuses on practical skills Holistic approach to admissions, considering diverse backgrounds – Supportive learning environments – Strong focus on employability and practical skillsInternational reputation Vigourous academic programs Research opportunities Exclusive alumni networks  
5Best forThose looking for a supportive and nurturing atmosphereHigh achieving students with an aim for intensive programs
6Students experiencesClass size small and a feel of community, Personal attention Support servicesStrong exposure to research and resources
7Global student inclusionHighly welcoming to global students Selective offering a varied and cosmopolitan atmosphere

What are the Admission Requirements for Admission to Universities in the UK?

All candidates need to remain aware of the admission process and its requirements for achieving success in getting admission. But before do not forget to do extensive research to find out the best university keeping in mind your course interests as well as budget.

  • Keep all your documents ready
  • Make ready your SOP
  • Resume
  • For those applying for UG courses, they have to apply through UCAS
  • For those applying for PG courses, they have to apply directly to the universities
  • Submission of CAS confirmation of the acceptance letter for applying for a student visa


To sum up, even though some of the Universities in the UK boast selective admission rates, several universities provide more all-inclusive pathways for potential candidates. The universities listed in this post above are not only the easiest universities to get into in the UK but also offer the best opportunities for those individuals looking for higher educational offerings across a varied range of disciplines.

Students need to consider academic interests, personal choices, and career goals to get into a university that aligns best with their specific requirements and aspirations.

Even if admission rates might look like they are easy to get in, the application process is not a piece of cake.


What makes it easy to get into a university?

Universities are categorized are easy to get in depending on their acceptance rate, application process simplicity, and flexible entry needs

What makes it easy to get into a university?

Universities are categorized are easy to get in depending on their acceptance rate, application process simplicity, and flexible entry need

What makes it easy to get into a university?

Universities are categorized are easy to get in depending on their acceptance rate, application process simplicity, and flexible entry needs.

What makes it easy to get into a university?

Universities are categorized are easy to get in depending on their acceptance rate, application process simplicity, and flexible entry needs.

Is it true that universities having high acceptance rates are less renowned?

Not necessarily as a lot of universities with high acceptance rates provide excellent programs and possess good industrial connections.

Can global students apply for those easier universities in the UK?

Yes. Most of these universities have programs that have been specifically designed for global students providing a supportive atmosphere.

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