How Much is National University Tuition Fee? [2024]

Are you thinking about How Much is National University Tuition Fee?

I have been to National University and have had good experience in this university.

Well, I know cost is one of the significant factors for those who are considering joining the university.

In this blog post, I will give you some relevant knowledge on National University Tuition costs and other important information.

National University is a nonprofit university based in San Diego. It was founded in the year 1971 by US Navy Lt. Cmdr. David Chigos.

Its main aim is to provide accessible, easily achievable higher education to adult learners, providing reliable four-week classes for all over 100 on-campus and online educational programs.

At present, it is one of the largest private universities that offers education to students from all 50 states and 65 countries.

The financial aid team at National University can assist you in having a solid understanding of the cost of your education and secure all the resources that you are required to pay for the university.

Not only that, they will also assist you in setting up a realistic budget for getting you through college and have a better understanding of payment options after graduating.

How Much is National University Tuition

How Much is National University Tuition Fee exactly?

One of the main components of the total cost of studying at National University is the Tuition fee.

It usually varies depending on the educational level and the specified programs you will select.

Tuition Cost of Undergraduate Programs

The undergraduate tuition fee ranges between $370 to $416 per quarter unit.

Most of the undergraduate courses need 180 quarter units for completing graduation.

This implies that the overall tuition fee for completing an undergraduate degree varies depending on the program selected and the total number of units needed.

Graduate Tuition Cost

The tuition cost of a graduate program also varies depending on the program selected. On average, it ranges from $423 to $483 per quarter unit.

Graduate programs mainly need fewer units than undergraduate programs, so the overall cost depends on the specific program’s need.

Extra Cost

Even if tuition cost is a significant cost of attending a National University, there are some other cost that adds to the total cost.

  • Textbooks and course materials: You must buy textbooks and course materials for classes. The cost of those materials varies based on the specific program and the course.
  • Fees: National University charges several fees like application fees, technology fees, and graduation fees. All these fees also add to the total cost of your education.
  • Living cost: If you are traveling to campus, then you will have to make a budget for your cost of living, which includes housing, transportation, personal expenses, and food. These costs usually vary based on your location and your lifestyle.

Scholarships at National University

National University offers several scholarships which can assist you in managing your total cost of attendance.

Have a look at them:

Sl.NoName of the scholarshipAmountPurpose
1Veterans’ Victory Scholarship$5,000Help veteran students meet educational goals
2Law Enforcement Scholarship25 percent tuition discount up to $16,500Law enforcement professionals for any degree program,
3Military Tuition ScholarshipUp to $2,500for eligible military personnel, spouses, and dependents
4Associate Degree for Transfer PathwaysApproximately $7,000 per yearTransfer associate degrees are eligible for the transfer pricing
5Transfer to Success ScholarshipUp to $5,000To community college transfer students who want to earn a bachelor’s degree
6Collegiate Honor AwardUp to $2,000To students who have demonstrated exceptional scholastic achievement and are in financial need
7Presidential Tuition ScholarshipUp to $2,500Eligible undergrad transfer students who are financially disadvantaged
8Organizational Partnerships Tuition reduction for employees 


The cost of attending any university is one of the significant considerations for all those who are thinking of joining any university.

You need careful planning and exploration of financial assistance opportunities, after which you can pursue your education with easily manageable costs.

From my experience, I would say that the National University is highly committed to helping its students achieve their educational goals and provides financial help, scholarships, and all support services to help make education more accessible for its students.

It would help if you remembered that it is crucial to stay well-informed about updated tuition rates and financial help options, so make sure you check the website of the National University and consult with the financial help office for all recent information.


How much is National University tuition?

National university tuition usually varies based on the programs and courses you are choosing. The tuition fees are charged per quarter unit.

Does National University offer financial help options to its students?

Yes, the National University provides several financial help options to its students to assist them in managing their total expenses.

Do I have to pay some additional fees other than tuition fees?

Yes, other than tuition fees, you might be required to pay some extra fees like application fees and graduation fees. It’s better to check their website or ask their financial help team for detailed information.

Can I do some part-time work while attending a National University?

Yes, many students select to work part-time while attending national university to help them to cover their total expenses.

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