How Much is Purdue University Global? [2024] Updated

Being at Purdue University, I am well-acknowledged by the fact that people are interested in knowing about How Much is Purdue University Global.

In this post, I am going to give detailed information on Perdue University expenses. Before that, I will provide a little overview of the University.

The Purdue Global University is a branch institution of the Purdue University system.

It’s a legacy educational institution with a prominent reputation in the U.S. Education system for imparting the best quality education to its students through various platforms and methods.

The University provides courses at the bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral levels. The six physical classrooms are located in Indiana.

Admission at Perdue University Global is open in both fall and spring and sees various application deadlines for its various courses.

The University gives a fair chance to every brilliant student all over the world and offers a waiver application fee of amount 45 USD for all of its global candidates.

This makes it one of the best choices among international students who are looking for admission to study in the USA.

The University is the least selective, with a high acceptance rate, and offers enrollment to all candidates with good academic profiles.

The Highlight of the Purdue University Global

Type of UniversityPublic
Housing of campus40%
RankingsIn the top 250 positions in the country
GrantUSD $2.3 billion
Retention rate of student91.80%
Work-study programAvailable
Financial helpAwards and scholarships
Program modeFull-time and part-time
AccreditationFull-time and part time

How Much is Purdue University Global?

You need to keep in mind that global students are required to pay the university tuition fee of one term in full before the start of every term in an academic year.

They can make the payment through a credit card or by wire transfer.

To help you plan for the expenses while looking to enroll in the University, I am providing an estimated budget for global students who are looking to study in the U.S.

Here is the table:

Fees31084 USD
Living expenditure10030 USD
Books/supplies1160 USD
Travel expenses2210USD
Total fees4614USD

Purdue University Global Program Fees

ProgramDurationFees in USDFees in Rupees
M.S Management – Information Technology2 years$12,600 /Yr₹10.5 L/Yr 
B.S Fire Science 10 weeks$11,130₹9.3 L
B.S Business Administration – Real Estate10 weeks$11,130₹9.3 L
B.S Health Care Administration10 weeks$11,130₹9.3 L
B.S Liberal Studies – Leadership Emphasis10 weeks$11,130₹9.3 L
B.S Health Information Management10 weeks$11,130₹9.3 L

Scholarships or Financial help

With Purdue University Global, you will get a chance to receive various scholarships, mainly for fresh admission.

Those scholarships have been categorized as university-wide, financial requirement-based, and college-wide for global students seeking admission to Purdue University.

You will get a 25% reduction in your tuition fee if you are an international student and fulfill all eligibility criteria.

This cost even includes the expenses of books and course material. Some of the other popular scholarships are

  • Trustees scholarship: 16000 USD per year for those students who score 3.00 or even higher GPA.
  • Presidential Scholarship: 10000 USD rewards per year for students who score a 3.00 or more GPA

In addition, there are some benefits for students who are working, such as

  • Employer reimbursement: A student will get reimbursement for those skills that he learns through courses either in full or in part by their employer for working on the same.
  • Corporate alliance program: A student and their family get the tuition benefits when they get employed by their registered corporate partners.

You can view how much is Perdue University Global for you through Tuition and Fee Finder. Here, you can check the total tuition fee along with program-specific fees.

Choose a special rate to see the full tuition for military students, global students, and Indiana residents. If you select none, then you can see the tuition rates in general.

Now have a look at some other fee regulations

  • Resource fee: All students have to make a payment of $345.00 as a resource fee in every term, and if you belong to categories like U.S. military service members, veterans, and military spouses, then it is $250.00. Likewise, for programs like graduate business, I.T., and Education, the resource fee is $300.00 per 12-week term, which is divided into $150.00 per 6-week session and $100.00 for categories like U.S. military service members, military spouses, and veterans. For those who are residents of Indiana, they will receive a reduction of 10% on the per-term resource fee.
  • Extra technology needs for courses: You should remain aware of the additional software and hardware needs for classes before enrollment.
  • Transcript fee: A fee of $10.00 is charged for every copy of the official transcript, along with a $2.00 shipping and handling fee when the receiving school cannot accept electronic delivery.

Extra fees based on courses

Course Course category and Fees
BusinessGB 500$43.00 for Marketplace Business Fundamentals Simulation 
GB 601 or GB 602$55.00 for Marketplace Strategy and Business Policy Simulation
Education abroadBU429, GB528, GB529, GB602, HS470, or HS570For travel experience, the fees range from $3,000 to $7,500. For virtual experience, the fees range between $250 to $400
Information TechnologyIT 530, IT 535, IT 540, IT 541, IT 542, IT 543, and IT 550. $395.00 as one-time fee
NursingMN520, MN 569, MN 573, MN 577, MN 581, MN 585, MN 590, MN 603, MN 610, MN 651, MN 653, MN 655, and MN 657. $350.00 per course as a clinical fee
PsychologyPS 507, PS 512, PS 517, PS 522, PS 527, PS 532, or PS 555.$395.00 as one time fee


So, I have given all the information regarding how much Purdue University Global will help you in planning your expenses before taking admission.

The quality of Education given at this University is on par with the fees it is charging.

Moreover, they offer reliable options for those who are working and also recognize the skill set of students.


When do I have to pay the tuition fees?

You have to make the payment of the tuition and other required fees well before enrollment.

Are books and other materials included in the tuition fees?

No, books and other required materials are not included in the tuition fees. Some of the courses need students to buy extra course materials from different sources.

What if I need to return the library materials before the end of the term?

If you fail to return the library material before the end of the term, then it leads to some financial obligation and also postponement of registration to the new time.
The instruction materials should also be returned unused within 14 days from the date the participants give notification to the University of the cancellation of enrollment.

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