Is Antioch University Accredited? [2024]


While considering Antioch University for higher education, one question that might arise “Is Antioch University accredited?”

It is so because accreditation has an important role in the determination of quality and recognition of programs and degrees of any institution. But before we delve into accreditation, it’s important to know about the University in brief.

Antioch University is a chain of Universities with campuses and branches present across the country. Its main branch is in Ohio, which slowly acquired all other campuses.

Initially, it facilitated students to pass or fail with no grade and invigorated them to study science and other such subjects while taking some liberal arts classes.

At present, Antioch stays committed to varied and non-sectional paths for innovation and progresses as required.

The University is equipping students with relevant information, passion, and skills for living meaningful lives and for advancing social, economic, and environmental justice.

Benefits of choosing Antioch University

It provides the best quality academic programs that meet all the requirements of today’s students and embraces experimental learning by associating academic achievement with the real-world experience of all the members of its community.

Educates a person by encouraging personal growth and achievement of professional goals.

Backs active participation of students as well as teachers in services and scholarships.

Preserves a historical commitment to promote social justice and the common good. Students graduate from Antioch University with a great sense of their power as well as purpose as researchers, professionals, and citizens of the world.

So, now, “Is Antioch University accredited?

Is Antioch University Accredited?

Antioch University holds accreditation from the Higher Learning Commission, which is an important indicator that it is committed to high standards of education.

Accreditation is a continuous process by which educational institutions get evaluated by recognized agencies to make sure they are meeting required quality benchmarks.

Higher Learning Commission is one of the recognized accrediting agencies that hold recognition by the US Department of Education. Antioch University has held consistent accreditation since the year 1927.

Not only that, but Antioch University accreditation also includes federal government recognition that makes the students eligible for various financial help assistance, which also includes loans, grants, and scholarships.

Different Program Accreditation of Antioch University

While all programs and degrees provided by Antioch University hold HLC accreditation, it also has various academic programs that hold further accreditation or approval from programmatic accreditors.

These bodies are responsible for carrying on their process of making sure that their programs meet all required standards specific to particular academic disciplines or any professional practices.

Table showing details about different program accreditation of Antioch University

Sl.noProgram NameAccrediting bodyAccreditation year
1Doctor of PsychologyClinical Psychology, Santa Barbara Commission on Accreditation for Marriage and Family Therapy Education2011
2.Doctor of PsychologyClinical Psychology New England American Psychological Association (APA)1986
3Doctor of PsychologyClinical Psychology , Santa Barbara American Psychological Association (APA)2016
4Master of ArtsClinical Mental Health Counseling New England Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs2018
5Clinical Mental Health Counseling SeattleCouncil for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs2011
6Dance/Movement Therapy & Counseling New England American Dance Therapy Association1979
7Couple and Family Therapy New England Commission on Accreditation for Marriage and Family Therapy Education1993
8Couple and Family Therapy SeattleCommission on Accreditation for Marriage and Family Therapy Education2005
9.Graduate Certificates, Applied Behavioral Analysis New England  Behavior Analyst Certification Board 
10Master of EducationElementary/Early Childhood Education New EnglandNew Hampshire Department of Education – Division of Higher Education – Higher Education Commission 
11Master of Education Foundations in Education New England New Hampshire Department of Education – Division of Higher Education – Higher Education Commission 
12Master of ScienceEnvironmental Sciences with Life Sciences (7-12) Certifications New England New Hampshire Department of Education – Division of Higher Education – Higher Education Commission 

Importance of Accreditation

Accreditation is a deliberate process that universities and colleges undergo to demonstrate their dedication to offering the best quality education.

It includes consistent assessments of several aspects of any institution, which includes curriculum, qualifications of quality, student services, and several others.

Accreditation makes sure that degrees and certificates given by the University hold great value and are recognized by employers and other institutions.

Accreditation is also important for many other reasons, such as:

  • Assurance of best quality education: Accreditation gives assurance to its students and parents that an educational institution maintains the best quality standards in all its academic programs.
  • Credit transferability: Credits earned at any accrediting educational institution can be transferred to other universities and colleges.
  • Financial help: A lot of financial help programs, which also include federal student help, require students to attend some accredited educational institutions.
  • Employment opportunities: Employers often look for students with degrees from accredited universities as it will reflect a strong educational foundation.


So, by now, you might have a clear idea of “Is Antioch University accredited?” Antioch University holds accreditation from the Higher Learning Commission.

This accreditation shows the commitment of the institution to offer the best quality education to all of its students.

Whether you are thinking of enrolling at Antioch University or just looking for some information, remain assured that its accrediting status gives assurance of your education.


Is Antioch University accredited?

Yes, Antioch University holds accreditation from the Higher Learning Commission, which is a reputed accrediting agency in the USA.

Does Antioch University offer online programs, and are they accredited?

Yes, Antioch University offers online programs, and the same accrediting agency, the Higher Learning Commission, accredits them.

Does Antioch University hold any specialized accreditation?

Many programs within Antioch University hold specialized accreditation, which again demonstrates its commitment to excellence in some specified fields.

How frequently the accreditation of Antioch University is reviewed?

Accreditation is a consistent process, and educational institutions such as Antioch University undergo reviews regularly to make sure they are meeting the standards of the accrediting agency.

Is accreditation vital for global students?

Yes, accreditation is important for global students as it assists in making sure that the degrees earned are recognized across the world, increasing career prospects.

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