Los Angeles Pacific University Tuition Cost

When you embark on a higher education pathway, it needs an important consideration, and that is having a clear understanding of the financial investment required.

For those students who are thinking of Los Angeles Pacific University, you should know that it is one of the most affordable Christian universities in California. It’s a prestigious institution popular for its varied academic programs and striking campus life. So, untangling the tinges of tuition is one of the important steps.

In this article, I will discuss Los Angeles University Tuition Cost and shed some light on how it contributes to the quest for academic excellence.

Los Angeles Pacific University Tuition Cost: A Holistic Approach to Tuition Structure

Los Angeles Pacific University embraces a holistic approach toward tuition structure, covering several factors that contribute to the whole educational experience. The tuition structure not only covers classroom instructions but also several other resources as well as services that increase the academic journey.

Los Angeles University is deliberate about maintaining its tuition costs low.

You might be thinking, how? With no dorms, buildings for maintenance, or athletic departments, it focuses on resources that matter the most. It offers a premium quality education that the experts in their fields deliver.

For more than 20 years, the tuition fees at U.S. universities outpace the average household income. The financial aid teams work with the unique situation of students to ensure that they have access to all sources of aid that are available for which they qualify.

Current tuition rates

Grade2023 – 2024
Undergraduate tuition$499/credit
Graduate tuition$660/credit

Cost of Attendance

The cost of attendance is something that Los Angeles Pacific University estimates will cost for attending a specified period of enrollment in the university.

What is included in the cost of attendance are all direct costs for fees and tuition, and the indirect costs are books and supplies, transportation loan fees, and miscellaneous expenses.

All these costs are utilized for awarding financial help and are then updated and published on an annual basis.

Here are the full tuition fees and other fees for undergraduate and graduate courses at Los Angeles Pacific University

Undergraduate off campus2 month (1 sessions)4 month (2 sessions)
Tuition and Fees$ 2,994.00$ 5,988.00
Books and Supplies$ 300.00$ 600.00
Food and Housing$ 8,636.00$ 8,636.00
Transportation$ 150.00$ 150.00
 Misc$ 1,968.00$ 1,968.00
Loan Fees$ 14.00$ 14.00
Total$ 14,062.00$ 17,356.00
Graduate off campus2 month (1 sessions4 month (2 sessions)
Tuition and Fees$ 1,980.00$ 3,960.00
Books and Supplies$ 300.00$ 600.00
Food and Housing$ 8,636.00$ 8,636.00
Transportation$ 150.00$ 150.00
 Misc$ 1,968.00$ 1,968.00
Loan Fees$ 72.00$ 72.00
Total$ 13,106.00$ 15,386.00

Other information on Los Angeles University Tuition
  • Base tuition: The base tuition for Los Angeles Pacific University serves as the basis for academic instruction. It involves access to classes, the expertise of faculty, and the educational infrastructure of the university. This part of the tuition is central to offering the best quality education that aligns well with the commitment to excellence of the university.
  • Cost of a specific program: Tuition costs for particular programs might get integrated into the tuition structure based on the selected academic programs. Some disciplines might need special resources, materials, and equipment, and all these costs make a contribution to the personalized education every program provides.

What Other Perks does Los Angeles Pacific University Offer?

  • Financial help opportunities: Los Angeles Pacific University is highly dedicated to making education easily accessible. It provides several financial help opportunities, which also include scholarships, work-study programs, and other grants for supporting students in their academic journey. By properly understanding and exploring all those avenues, you can substantially manage the financial burden for those who are eligible.
  • Transparency: LA Pacific University maintains transparency, offering students clear information about the costs associated with education. This transparency helps individuals make the right decisions about their academic journey, including financial commitments.
  • Flexible Payment Plans for Students: By identifying the varied financial situation of the student body, Los Angeles Pacific University provides flexible payment plans. All these plans offer various options for spreading tuition payments over the course of the academic term, thereby promoting financial stability and making sure that education stays within the reach of students from varied backgrounds.
  • Value for investment made: While tuition is a financial commitment, Los Angeles Pacific University emphasizes the value of investment made by the students as well as their families. The responsibility of the university extends more than its classroom, including good campus life, various opportunities, and a good community that fosters personal and academic growth.

Various tuition discounts

  • Alumni discounts: The alums of Los Angeles Pacific University can avail of ten discounts on their tuition fees if they return to a Master’s degree at Los Angeles Pacific University. You can go to the Alumni page and check if you are looking for more details.
  • Inspiring discounts: If students of Los Angeles University inspire their family, co-workers, and friends to pursue a degree at LA Pacific University, they will get a 10% discount for themselves and also for the referral. For this, you can check the Inspire discount page on the website.
  • Military discount: A 10% discount is offered on tuition fees for active duty and veteran military service members as well as their spouses. Active duty includes
    • U.S. Air Force: active duty, Air National Guard on active duty, Air Force Reserve on active duty
    • U.S. Army: active duty, Army National Guard on active duty, Army Reserve on active duty
    • U.S. Coast Guard: active duty, Coast Guard Reserve on active duty
    • U.S. Marines: active duty, Marine Corps Reserve on active duty
    • U.S. Navy: active duty

Here, active means post-basic training is completed. For more details, you can check the Military information page.

  • Partnerships: Los Angeles Pacific University partners with various Southern California organizations to provide a 10% discount to their employees or students. Here are the partner’s employees or students which get a discount on the tuition fee:
    • U.S. Military
    • Orange County
    • Riverside County
    • Orange County Transit Authority
    • Chaffey College
    • Azusa Unified School District
    • Charter Oak Unified School District

Net price calculator

To explore how to plan and make payments for your college education, you can make use of the net price calculator. Through it, you can find your eligibility for financial help and estimate your total expenses.

You can also generate scenarios like “what if” depending on family income and all anticipated costs and make your plan accordingly.

L.A. Pacific University has several resources along with financial help policies for which your net price will surely vary depending on the specific situation.

Also specified circumstances are taken into consideration depending on case by case basis. It is good to let your student account specialist know about all circumstances that you might have.

The net price calculator has been designed to give you an initial indication of how much and what kind of financial help you may qualify for if you were attending full-time school in the indicated academic year. It’s like a tool that will offer you a good picture of all your options and opportunities.


To sum up, knowing about Los Angeles Pacific University’s tuition structure is not only a financial consideration but also a step toward unlocking the road to academic excellence.

When students walk on this pathway, they get themselves not only making investments in education but also becoming important contributors to a community that is committed to shaping the leaders of tomorrow.


What is the net price of a tuition structure?

Net price is the average cost, excluding financial help for students who are getting scholarships or grants. The net price of Los Angeles Pacific University is $20,487.

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