Top 15 Online Schools That Pay You To Attend

Once you have decided to attend school and get yourself enrolled in some online degree program, the next step is determining your options for financing your education. Finding out how to make payment for your online education might seem daunting, but in real it’s a very simple process than you can think of like online schools that pay you to attend.

Nowadays, online students have more options than they can think of. Thus, cost should not be a barrier to achieving their goals of obtaining a degree. Obtaining a degree is highly valuable as it opens up some new doors and expands your career opportunities.

For those people who have family responsibilities and other priorities, it becomes very challenging to attend and pay for college.

Every person deserves a chance to obtain higher education, no matter what their financial situation is or what personal circumstances they have.

Thus, there are several solutions to all those common issues like online schools that pay you to attend or tuition-free online degree programs. Do not allow money to stand in the way of your education. Some colleges and universities pay you to attend their education.

Requirements for Applying to Online Schools that Pay You to Attend

The admission requirements for online schools vary even if they are the same as the other colleges. Here are the general requirements for seeking admission to online schools:

  • Applying for an online application and paying the application fee
  • An official copy of the academic transcripts from every college/ university you have attended.
  • A GPA of 2.8 or even more
  • GRE Or GMAT scores
  • The latest CV or resume that offers personal information along with your work experience
  • Statement of purpose
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Proof of English proficiency

Top 15 Online Schools that Pay You to Attend

Here is a list of some of the best online schools that pay you to attend.

Lipscomb University

Located in Nashville, Tennessee, Lipscomb University provides complete online certificates and courses in a Christian faith environment.

It is affiliated with Churches of Christ and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges, Lipscomb University was established in the year 1891. It provides degree programs such as Associate, Masters, Bachelors, and Doctorate level.

University of Missouri – Columbia

If you are someone who wants to work in exchange for your education, then the University of Missouri – Columbia is best for you. It is located in Columbia and it provides you with a work-study program where you pursue your degree and at the same time also work and get payment. 

This program is available for the citizens of the United States as well as the permanent residents who have joined the degree program.

University of Phoenix

It’s one of the best online schools that pay you to attend. It provides several financial help opportunities to those students who attend various online programs offered by the university.

The online programs include a wide spectrum of fields like business, healthcare, IT, and education.

Liberty University Online

Liberty University Online provides financial help for various online degree courses which include graduate and undergraduate sectors like business, psychology, education, and many others.

Students can explore various financial help options such as federal grants, scholarships, work-study programs, and loans.

Columbia University

The online arm of Columbia University, known as Columbia Online provides degree programs in remote form through its various schools like

  • Engineering and Applied sciences,
  • Business
  • Arts and Science
  • Social work
  • Professional work

Columbia University is indeed highly expensive because of its status as a reputed university. But they also offer several scholarships and grants along with tuition exemptions for those who qualify for it.

Saint Leo University

Saint Leo University is a popular university that offers several inline programs and offers scholarships and grants to its students. It’s an online school that pays you to attend and offers access to community of various academics.

University of the People

With accreditation from the Higher Learning Commission, the University of People is a reputed university. It was founded in the year 2009 and offers various programs such as Associate, Bachelor, and Master’s degrees including several certificate programs.

This university is associated with several schools across the nation like Cal Berkeley and NYU and also provides classes that are taught by Ivy League professors. They are established as a non-profit university and pay you for enrolling in their online degree programs.

Athabasca University

It’s a Canadian University and one of the four comprehensive academic and research institutions in Alberta.

It is also called the Open University of Canada which provides 70 online degree programs such as undergraduate and graduate programs, diplomas, and certificate programs. Students can get paid by applying for various scholarships, nominations, student awards, and bursaries.

Barclay College

A reputed college that was established in the year 1917 as Kansas Central Bible Training School. It provides online degree programs in criminal justice, psychology, Christian leadership, and business management.

Some undergraduate programs also include bachelor’s degrees in worship arts, youth ministry, and pastoral ministry. It offers free tuition by providing scholarship programs of reward $15,000 award.

Bethel University

It’s a private Christian Liberal Arts college that was established in the year 1871 as a Baptist school. The program that it offers includes 90 major subjects with more than 100 academic fields most of which are available online.

About 98% of the students of Bethel University get financial help.

Central Christian College of the Bible

It’s a public university with a strong Christian tradition and functions depending on doctrines like the root of Bible authorities, discipleship, and prayer ministry. Each year, about 100 freshmen or transfer students receive full scholarships from the university.

City College of San Francisco

It’s a community college that is renowned for providing students with opportunities to attend school for free in collaboration with the City of San Francisco.

Some of the popular programs offered by this college are Liberal arts, social sciences, biology, physics, etc. Students get free from tuition fees as they get access to several activities through several resource clubs and academics.


It’s a popular online platform that offers several real courses and program experiences from some of the best colleges. It provides you access to more than 2270 online courses in thirty various areas.

Thousands of these courses are self-paced and many are instructor-led. While most of the courses are free, some are credit-bearing.

Lewis University

Lewis University, established in the year 1932 is a catholic university that offers relevant degree programs online. The online students at Lewis University are allocated a coordinator who offers them good guidance.

About 97% of the students of Lewis University get financial assistance. Those who are eligible are also urged for applying FAFSA.

Southern New Hampshire University

It is one of the fastest-growing universities in the USA and it is expanding its online degree offerings. With a strong online curriculum for various degree programs like bachelor’s, master’s, and associate degrees, it provides financial help to keep students from remaining behind in their payments.

University of Arizona

The Global campus of the University of Arizona provides various associate, master’s, bachelor’s, and doctoral degrees which students can get access to from anywhere across the world.

It provides accelerated courses which facilitates students for transferring up to 90 approved credits. Students get paid through various scholarships, financial help, employer’s tuition assistance, and grants.

Western Governors University

It is one of the popular colleges that pays its students to attend the college. It offers competency-based programs which means students are allowed to advance at their own pace. Those who complete their course quickly can pay lower tuition fees. Other than that this university also provides several scholarships and grants to its students who show financial requirements.

Purdue University Global

Purdue University Global is an accredited online university that offers degrees in several disciplines including business, healthcare, and technology. Students showing financial requirements can apply for various scholarships and grants from their school.

The Excel track program of the university is customized for students who want to make a quick movement in their studies.

Different ways by which online schools pay to attend

1Work-study programsStudents receive financial aid based on their academic merit, financial need and other various categories.
2Scholarships and GrantsStudent-athletes may obtain scholarships to attend universities and join collegiate sports programs.
3Research assistantshipsStudents get stipend, tuition reduction, and valued research experience in exchange for supporting faculty members with research projects.
4Athletic ScholarshipsStudent-athletes may obtain scholarships to attend universities and join in collegiate sports programs.
5Service Commitment ProgramsStudents get financial assistance for committing to serve military sector or other public sector
6Sponsorship by employerEmployer sponsors to pursue higher education

Benefits of Choosing Online Schools that Pay You to Attend

Here are a few reasons why you should opt for online universities that pay you to attend:

  • Pay the tuition fees without any stress: You can obtain your degree without thinking about how to do payment of fees as these schools will help you out
  • Good accessibility: You will not have to go to the physical campus as you can get access to your course online.
  • More types of courses: Through online colleges, you get access to more kinds of courses than traditional colleges. You can find projects that are a better fit with your professional commitments and hobbies.
  • Highly flexible: One of the major benefits of online education is learning at your own pace and timetable specifically for those who have other responsibilities.

How to Select the Best Online Schools that Pay You to Attend?

  • Do research: First, you have to do research and generate a list of some online colleges that will pay you for attending. You must know that those online colleges can make money only when they have a good reputation.
  • Check the quality of education: You need to check the curriculum framework and the teaching staff persons to see how good they are and the educational quality.
  • Know about financial scholarships: Think of the schools that will pay you for attending them. Each school has its own set of rules some might offer full-term scholarships and some work-study programs.
  • Go through the feedback: Check the websites of the online schools and go through the reviews from existing and former students. By going through the reviews, you will become aware of the weaknesses and strengths of the college.


The world has changed drastically in the past few decades and online degree programs are now more available than before. In this article, the list of online schools that pay you to attend offers you the best opportunity to choose the best school and flourish academically.

How online schools that pay you to attend is different from traditional schools?

Online schools are more flexible, have lower tuition costs and offer several financial incentives to their students.

How much amount one can expect from the online college that pays you to attend?

The amount of money that you will receive varies as some colleges might do tuition rebates and some might offer financial incentives.

Are the online schools paying students for attending college reputed?

Yes, most of the colleges are reputed but you have to do proper research to know about their accreditation and program offerings.

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