How Much Is A Tuition Fee For Full Sail University? [2024]

In this post, I will answer your question, “How much is a Tuition fee for Full Sail University?” and you will get complete guidance on “how you can afford Full Sail University“.

You might know that making proper plans for your expenses is one of the essential parts of the whole application process of any college or University.

But one thing you may need to be aware of is various things you should keep track of for paying your tuition fee and applying for financial help.

Here in this post, I will give complete information about it as I have the required experience to apply for Full Sail University.

Before I proceed to the tuition fee of Full Sail University, it’s good if you have sound knowledge about Full Sail University.

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About Full Sail University

Full Sail University was established in the year 1979, and it is one of the for-profit educational institutions located in Florida. It is privately owned and was initially founded as Full Sail Productions.

Then, in the year 1980, it shifted to Florida where it offered many video and filmmaking courses. Full Sail University holds accreditation from Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges.

The whole University has been built in a sizeable 210-acre area and features some of the Hollywood style film backlot, with spacious classrooms, stylish soundstages, and some 100+ labs and studios.

Tuition Fee For Full Sail University

Not only that, but the University also features the Fortress, which is an 11200 sq ft e-sports platform with a capacity to accommodate 500 spectators.

Full Sail University provides various associate, undergraduate, and postgraduate courses that focus mainly on media and entertainment-based studies like media communication, production of film, animation, technologies, and designing of video games. It also provides a small range of courses in business, fun, and sports.

By holding a partnership with WWE that offers students various opportunities to make WWE NXT tapings and makes a contribution to a good amount of scholarship funds for the students.

The global student society encourages community learning and offers opportunities for students to learn and celebrate varied cultures and traditions.

Tuition Fee For Full Sail University

Full Sail University highlights

Year of establishment1979
Web Contact 
Exams acceptedTOEFL
Campus size210 acres
Faculty: student ratio1
Faculty : student ratio24

Full Sail University Tuition Fees

At Full Sail University, the tuition fee is structured uniquely.

It involves expenses like a project launch box, which is a personal technology package personalized for each of the degrees, including textbooks, media, production materials, technology fees, and other such associated fees.

How Much Is A Tuition Fee For Full Sail University?

The tuition fee given below in the table shows expenses of the full degree program along with other related expenses such as textbooks, media, production materials, and other things such as cost per credit hours.

This cost per credit is an average cost depending on the total tuition and total credit hours of any program. Cost per credit might differ per semester based on enrolled credit hours.

How Much Is The Tuition Fee of Full Sail University For Undergraduate Programs?

ProgramsCost Per Credit Total CreditsTuition Fee
Creative Writing$783120$94,000
Computer Science$783120$94,000
Computer Animation$792120$95,000
Digital Arts & Design$783120$94,000
Graphic Design$783120$94,000
Music Production$767120$92,000
Sports Marketing & Media$604120$74,000
Show Production$767120$92,000
Simulation & Visualization$783120$94,000
Recording Arts$767120$92,000
Media Communications$608120$73,000
Game Business & Esports$604120$72,500
Interactive Technology –
Game Design Concentration
Game Art$783120$94,000
Entertainment Business$608120$73,000
Information Technology$783120$94,000
Game Development$783120$94,000
Interactive Technology –
Game Design Concentration

How Much Is The Tuition Fee For Graduate Programs In Full Sail University?

Degree programsCredits per hourTotal creditsTuition Fee
Entertainment Business$91641.5$38,000
Game Design$86741.5$36,000
Entertainment Business w/ Sports Management$91641.5$38,000
Film Production$62158$36,000

How Much Is The Tuition Fee for Certificate Programs in Full Sail University?

Degree programsCredits per hourTotal creditsTuition fee
Application Development Fundamentals Undergraduate Certificate$45723$10,500
Computer Science Undergraduate Certificate$45723$10,500
Film & Video Undergraduate Certificate$47722$10,500
Intensive English – Level 1$40036$14,400
Intensive English – Level 2$43324$10,400
Intensive English – Level 3$46316$7,400
Intensive English – Level 4$5508$4,400
Information Technology Undergraduate Certificate$52520$10,500

What financial help and scholarships does Full Sail University provide?

Full Sail University provides various schemes as help for international students. This helps include multiple grants, scholarships, and loans.

Global students can avail private funding facilities for financial assistance. If they want to apply, then it should be supported by a cosigner who is either a permanent resident of the US or has US citizenship. Moreover, the students must remain consistent and make sure there is satisfactory progress in college work.

Tuition Fee For Full Sail University

Here is a table showing different scholarships offered to international students and the amount:

Scholarship nameAmount
International Momentum ScholarshipUp to USD 10,000 – 20,000
Intensive English Amuni ScholarshipUp to USD 7,000
Online Intensive English Amuni ScholarshipUp to USD 7,000
STEM ScholarshipUp to USD 5,000
Global Achievement ScholarshipUp to USD 5,000
Dedication ScholarshipUp to USD 1,000
Academic Advantage ScholarshipUp to USD 15,000


So, this is all about the tuition fee of Full Sail University.

I hope you have gained a good insight into the expenses you have to incur if you are considering enrolling in any of the courses at Full Sail University.


Can I do part-time work while studying at Full Sail University?

Yes, on getting admission, students will enter the USA on an F1 visa. This facilitates them to do part-time work while studying.
Moreover, on completing the course, students become eligible for OPT, and the University also has an active Career Development Department that helps students with job searching and the creation of work portfolios.

Where should one contact to get information regarding tuition fees?

For information regarding tuition fees of various programs available at Full Sail University, you can contact the Admission department at 800.226.7625 or at
· Website:
· Address: Full Sail University, 3300 University Boulevard, Winter Park, Florida – 32792

Does Full Sail University have on-campus housing?

Full Sail University does not offer its students on-campus housing facilities. But it has tied up with various teams that can help in making accommodation arrangements.

Is Full Sail University expensive?

Full Sail University is a little expensive when compared with other universities and colleges. Students will not receive any kind of discount for staying in Florida.

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